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The Plan is to get married and live in companionship while having lovers to satisfy their sexual needs. Lady Pelham agrees to this and the two marry. Six months into the marriage Gerard receives a letter that changes everything. He leaves London and does not return for four years. When Garard does return he is a changed man he comes back to be with his wife and no one else. He expects the same from her, but Lady Pelham does not believe in giving away her heart again she is done with love. The Marquess of Grayson decides he will have her and will stop at nothing to win her heart!

Thoughts I loved Pel and Grayson's relationship when they decided they wanted eachother everyone else took a backseat for the show. I loved the sub- plot romance with Rhys and Abigal very, very steamy. This was my first historical romance and it will not be my last! Jul 11, Ingie rated it liked it Recommended to Ingie by: Mo.

Shelves: z-read-in-swedish , romance-m-f-historical , books-i-read Day shows again that she is really good at writing a really hot historical romance. I don't know if it's the fact that I read this decadent story in my mother tongue meant that I snorted and thought it was particularly ridiculous compared to other stories in the genre.

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Perhaps it is so? Either way, this was a perfect quick and entertaining book to read a few sunny days on the beach. Isabel and her husband Lord 3,5 Stars - a slightly silly and predictable, but still pretty sweet, steamy romance Ms. Isabel and her husband Lord Grayson's Gerhard Faulkner hot relationship was really cute to follow and some emotional tears, plus a few laughs, squeezed they atleast out of me. A perfect historical if you want to read something really "hot" with a cozy hero and a lovable heroine.

It was surely not the last book of Ms. Day I read. I LIKE - steamy, cute but slightly goofy This one will definitely forced me to turn on my AC one of the most erotic stories I've ever read , but unfortunately this one will be one that I will forget all to easily. My main complaint is this I didn't care for either of the leads. Pel is about the "most unique" heroine I've ever come across. She is almost more promiscuous than Gray her "husband". This, while in some ways refreshing, kept me from really connecting with her character.

She was far to disconnected from her emotions f Wow! She was far to disconnected from her emotions for my taste. Gray was also difficult for me to connect with. He went through quite a transformation and turned all his attention and libido towards Pel lucky girl:. His relentless pursuit of her should have read as "romantic", but for me I just didn't know why Pel was such an obsession to him. Usually I'd like to say "it's love! For me Not enough heart to go with the amount of "steam" if you know what I mean!

Sep 16, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: amazon , adult , medium-steam , historical-romance , 3-star , not-worth-rereading. This book, although very well written and edited, contains two of my biggest pet peeves: 1 Lost time - The whole "4 years later" without any details of those years doesn't work for me. I give this book 2. The supporting characters were somewhat interesting and I was able to finish the book. Rating Leg This book, although very well written and edited, contains two of my biggest pet peeves: 1 Lost time - The whole "4 years later" without any details of those years doesn't work for me.

Rating Legend: 5 star-loved it 4 star-liked it 3 star-it was okay 2 star-didn't like it 1 star-hated it A great twist on the story line of marrying for convenience, then falling in love afterwards. Very romantic and sexy. Gray was a yummy, sexy hero too. A very hot read! View all 3 comments. It seemed like the perfect arrangement. Lady Isabel Pelham is tired of proposals from men she doesn't want to marry. Gerard Faulkner, Marquess of Grayson, needs a wife.

Both Isabel and Gerard are notorious for their romantic liaisons, and both know that any marriage between the two of them would be one of convenience based only on friendship. Soon after their marriage, though, a tragic accident sends Gerard away from London and his new wife. Four years later, when he finally returns, Gerard is n It seemed like the perfect arrangement. Four years later, when he finally returns, Gerard is no longer the charming rake Isabel first married, and he is no longer willing to settle for a marriage based simply on friendship.

A woman determined to resist falling in love becomes engaged in a seductive battle of wits with a man equally determined to win her love. This has just been added to my list of all time favorites! I love Isabelle and Gerard's relationship they were extremely passionate characters there interactions and dialog were well written I loved everything about them. They both came into a convenient marriage jaded and with there own flaws there marital issues were realistic, no petty bs drama! Gerard married Isabelle to technically stay single, he thought he was "in love" with his childhood sweetheart Emily, who he neglected and she marries another man, she becomes pregnant with Gerard's child Isabelle's first marriage was a disaster she married too young to a man who didn't return her affection, and while they had a reasonably civil marriage which ended in her husband dying in a duel fought over his lover, the experience left her scarred and gave her a serious aversion to future marriages.

Isabelle takes a string of lovers who she cares for and remains faithful to for the duration of the affair, which she always ends when her lover gets to attached Gerard and Isabelle marry and continue there own personal love lives until Emily dies in child birth, Gerard is grief stricken and runs off to find himself he disappears for 4 years trying to remake himself into a decent person.

He only returns when he hears the horrible gossip being spread about Isabelle, gossip that is partially because of his absence.

The Stranger I Married

Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. It holds all of the elements of a good romance with a strong innocent heroine and her devilishly handsome hero. Cole has never did forgave himself from surviving the war and playing a part in the death of Alicia's brother. You will enjoy it. After witnessing so much painful heartache and loss in the slums, the bride ship is her only prospect to escape a bleak future, not only for herself but, she hopes, someday for her sister. Galway, Ireland. Add to watch list Watching Watch list is full.

When he returns he finds a surprising spark between Isabelle and himself that was not previously there. Isabelle is reluctant to fall into bed with her husband for fear of being hurt the way she was in her first marriage. Gerard pursues her and eventually he helps her to over come her fears created by her first marriage. Once they are together and truly married the issue of children renews Gerard's fears of loosing the woman he loves the way he lost Emily in child birth. Together they overcome there fears and heal one another finding true happiness they were lacking in there previous lives.

I loved this everyone should read it! View 1 comment. This book takes place in the s. We meet Gray who's in love with a married woman. Isabel who doesn't believe in a man being faithful to his wife after a failed marriage. Gray proposes to Isabel that they get married just as a front.

His lover dies so Gray leaves Isabel alone for 4 years. When he comes back he realizes he has a second chance now with Isabel. Aug 10, Eni rated it it was amazing Shelves: just-love-it , historical-r , series. I loved this book.

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I think it's my favourite Sylvia Day book. An open marriage! But surprisingly this book has a romance of the sweetest caliber. A bit mushy, a bit smutty and nothing exemplary writing wise but awfully sweet all the same. But then it was a sham really — the open wedding - because while in the past they were the good friends who comfortably reside in the same house while keeping their own hours, lives and lovers; in the present, they are faithful to each other and it was all gentle w An open marriage!

I admire the h for her grace and strength, while the H is the typical endearing rogue who finds his conscience but is still searching for his soul. The H being younger than her makes it extra delicious.

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Only wish the book was bit shorter or more meaty. The secondary romance though sweet, is annoying as is quite obviously filler material. This book has so many sex scenes with our two main characters trying every position imaginable is a feat beyond itself. If you are looking for a juicy plot, look elsewhere. Everyone is this book who is married sleeps with everyone. Of course the reader doesn't let us see too much of the hanky panky going on between the less than important people in this book, but we read about it in everyone's conversations.

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Bella our heroine and her hero Gray have baggage but we are not overrun by it. Bella's first husband cheated on her horribly and Gray's first love died from giving birth to his baby while she was married to someone else Their marriage at first was one of convience, they weren't even intimate. But then Gray leaves heartbroken over the death of his one true love. He comes back a changed man after 4 years and wants to make a marriage with Bella a "true" marriage, meaning sex and more sex, and maybe love will bloom.

Bella on the other hand is afraid because Gray is so much younger than she! She is in her early 30's and Gray is about mid twenties. She just knows he will turn out to be like her first husband, so she is doesn't want to care for him other than friendship. There is also a nice funny secondary romance with Bella's brother and a young woman from America.

If you like steamy sex scenes with a plot that is in the background, enjoy this book!

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Ok this is going to be quick [last review I wrote up computer froze and I lost it I enjoyed the idea of a reformed rake who tries to win the heart of his emotionally guarded wife [in name only:]. The reasons for everyones behaviour was well explained and I liked the fact that this story twisted the usual 'husband takes a mistresss' theme on it's head. Stiiiillll, not an overly huge fan of the lingo Oh well, small nitpick but i thinking i'm coming to understand what it is exactly that i'm loving about this genre!

Not only are the men very alpha male and swoon worthy but they're also just soooooo romantic!! Holy cow are they EVER!! I think Sylvia Day might have been my very first introduction into historical romances with Seven Years to Sin and even though i enjoyed it, i wasn't so sure at the time if i'd ever continue with this genre but over a year later and with a few other HRs under my belt, i've decided that this is INDEED a genre that is quickly moving up the ranks as a favorite, and after reading my second by her, i am SO hoping that she writes more Lovers of historical romances won't want to miss out on this one!

View all 8 comments. After reading a ton of awesome reviews about this book I was really excited to finally be able to read it. The first thing I loved about this book was the new and refreshing storyline. The heroine of this story is not a shrinking violet of a girl waiting to be ravished by the handsome suitor. Oh no. Quite the opposite! I loved the fact that she was "experienced" and could handle herself with aplomb. It made me realize how dissatisfied I'd become with book after book of women who couldn't tie a r After reading a ton of awesome reviews about this book I was really excited to finally be able to read it.

It made me realize how dissatisfied I'd become with book after book of women who couldn't tie a ribbon by themselves much less take care of anything. The plot was decent too. There were a few small plot holes that I felt could have been explained a little better but all in all I was satisfied. One thing though, this book has a lot and I mean a lot of sex.

Hot, sweaty, right here, omg sex. While at first I woohooed my way through the first couple chapters of it but after a while it got a tiny bit boring. I'm not ranting about it, far from it, just maybe wished a few of the sex scenes would have been skipped and some more plot put in. But that's just me nitpicking! With that in all I'd highly recommend picking this one up for a raunchy weekend read.

The blurb just sounded so good and I just found Sylvia Day -- yeah!! I was blog hopping the other day and came across a review of this book which reminded me that I had meant to read it. Sadly, I can't now find that particular blog grr which is disappointing, because I enjoyed the review and wanted to check it out again I remember being intrigued by the premise of this story when it first came out but, not having read anything by this author before, I didn't want to plonk I was blog hopping the other day and came across a review of this book which reminded me that I had meant to read it.

Education on Australian book prices for non Australians over. Now to the review still hanging in? She has no wish to re-marry but her lovers keep falling in love with her and wanting to marry her such a problem! Gerard Faulkner, Marquess of Grayson Gray is a certified rake who wants to annoy his mother by marrying someone unsuitable his mother is a real bitch, no, really. Gray puts an offer to his friend Pel - they will solve each other's problems by marrying. The marriage is based on genuine friendship but is essentially in name only - they will each be free to pursue relationships or, for Gray, just sex elsewhere.

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In fact, he is quite keen for her to continue her lifestyle because this will bother his mother even more. Gray loves a dainty miss Emily , his childhood sweetheart, who is married to someone else and falls pregnant with his Gray's child.

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The Stranger I Married (Historical Romance) [SYLVIA DAY] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stranger I Married. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. It seemed like the perfect arrangement. Lady Isabel Pelham is tired of proposals from men she doesn't want to marry. Gerard.

Notwithstanding his feelings for Emily, Gray still enjoys physical relationships with other women - something about her is too dainty and ladylike for him to let his inner cave man out. When Emily dies in childbirth, Gray is devastated by the loss of both mother and child and leaves London.

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The story picks up 4 years later, when Gray returns from his self-imposed exile a changed man. From the blurb on the book, I got the impression that he came back to have a proper marriage with Isabel but actually he comes back to face his responsibility to her - he realises that she is the subject of scorn and gossip and his desertion has made things harder for her. However, on his return, he finds himself sexually attracted to Isabel in a way he wasn't previously and he decides to pursue her. Initially he doesn't really think about the future - issues of fidelity aren't really on his radar - pretty much he just thinks it will be fun for them to have what is effectively, an affair.

As the book progresses Gray realises that Isabel is in fact perfect for him and decides he wants a real marriage with all the bells and whistles. For Isabel, Gray is a real danger because she feels genuine passion for him and she recognises this feeling from her first marriage.

Pelham humiliated her by cheating on her and she protects her heart very carefully from such hurt happening again. Her affairs are always long term, she is faithful during them but ends the relationship when her lover becomes too attached to her. She cares for her lovers, maybe even loves them, but she is not "in love" with them and does not ever become "swept away". She enjoys healthy sexual relationships, however, she has been very careful to pick lovers she likes but who do not inspire a grand passion. Gray does.

Isabel finds herself in danger of falling in love with someone who used to be just like her first husband - can she trust her heart to him? What Worked For Me Gray and Isabel are friends at the start and they pretty much stayed friends the whole way through. They know each other's vices and virtues and they are still friends. More yay! The set up was novel a new twist on the friends-to-lovers trope , the story was well-paced and I liked the characters. No "big mis". Extra more yay! I even liked how her called her "Pel" even though I find the name unattractive.

It signifies their friendship and his level of comfort to be himself with her. I enjoyed Gray's total cluelessness about how to "woo" Isabel - the girls had always come to him before and frankly it was all about him - now it was about someone else. I chuckled at the scene where he is desperate to commence his courtship and is trashing the garden in the middle of the night to find Isabel a perfect rose. In fact, that was the change in his character after his 4 year absence - a recognition that it wasn't all about him and that he had responsibilities and that fulfilling those responsibilities was rewarding in and of itself.

But, he didn't come back fully reformed. He still had work to do and I enjoyed watching him work it out. After he works out what he wants he sets about proving to Isabel that she can trust him and that was fun too. For me, the story was much more about Gray than Isabel. She had a much shorter journey than he did - she had real trust issues sure, but her essential character remained unchanged. I did think she was a little unfair to Gray toward the end of the book about the baby thing.

In retrospect I think it was more of a device to create a final conflict in order to get the grovel scene and bring us to the end of the book. I wasn't totally sold that her action was consistent with her previously revealed character. I don't think it qualifies as forced however. I always thought that auburn was a kind of orange red colour. Later, her hair is described as "chocolate with highlights of red". Sorry, that's not auburn, it's just not. She is not dainty or petite.

The Stranger She Married: Regency Historical Romance: Rogue Hearts Series, Book 1 (Unabridged)

She's not fat, but she's not small either. But, her hands are described as "tiny". Actually, I did a search on the word "tiny" in the book and there weren't actually that many times her hands were so described - but I REALLY noticed them and those tiny hands threw me out of the story a bit pack a bit of weight, those tiny hands That said, they are pretty small peeves to have. I only mention them because they were "hur? The secondary romance between Isabel's brother Rhys and Abigail was sweet but when I was thinking about the book later, I didn't really know what attracted him to her.

It was a "starstruck lover" kind of story which is fine if you don't think about it too much. Also, one of the barriers to their HEA was her position in society vs. I read this in ebook version and when I went to the author's website to get a pic for this review, I noticed that she has posted a "bonus epilogue". Apparently it is contained in the mass market paperback issue but not in other versions. It's only about 4 pages and I thought it was unnecessary and a bit too Snow White with the little bluebirds fluttering around the place - YMMV.

What else What struck me most about this book when I was thinking about it later was that Isabel was a very unusual character for historical romance - she's sexually independent and she likes sex what!! More commonly seen is the woman who doesn't really enjoy sex til the hero comes along with his "mighty wang of lovin'" TM Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Certainly, Isabel had a grander passion for Gray than for her previous lovers but she did enjoy the physical relationship she had with those men; she was not left unsatisfied by them.

And, in her first marriage, the sex was awesome. Only problem was, Pelham started having the awesome sex with every chick in a skirt. Isabel isn't a slut and by modern standards, she not even promiscuous - she has a relationship for like 2 years, then some months single and then she finds someone else - she doesn't bed hop. During one of the sex scenes, Gray says "Mistresses do not expect orgasms. Of course the sticklers are scandalised by her but I found it interesting and very refreshing that Gray was not.

In fact, there wasn't even a hint that he ever disapproved of her choices at all. So often there is a double standard a hero adheres too - the dichotomy of the wife and the mistress. It was that he had this cockamamie idea that a husband could only have "gentle sex" with his wife whereas he could give a mistress a right good rogering. He worked out fairly quickly that Isabel was made of sterner stuff and she actually liked it when he "lost control" egads!!

How many romances have there been where the hero totally approves of the heroine's previously acknowledged and for the time period, correctly characterised as "scandalous behaviour"? He held her to no high a standard than he held himself. Even when he returned from exile changed in many ways, he still totally approved of her. I would have liked more exposition of Isabel in Society - one the one hand, she went out a lot and seemed popular and happy but on the other she was gossiped about and shunned and I would have liked just a little more to get a clearer picture of her life and price she had to pay for her independence before Gray came storming back in.

Overall, I enjoyed this book - perhaps a little more than I expected to - and I really liked watching Gray's metamorphosis from a curiously likeable asshat to hero.

The Stranger I Married

Hard to rate these things. This book was in some respects better written than a couple of books that I gave four stars to, but the story was less interesting and more repetitive. Or it is just possible that I've finally burned out on these types of novels.

It happens. Before I do the vague spoilery review Sylvia Day is clearly a Joss Whedon fan. She literally names a character "Lord Whedon" - I giggled. Then rolled my eyes. I'm guessing she wrote Buffy fanfic. And I most likely read it - her wri Hard to rate these things. And I most likely read it - her writing style is vaguely familiar. The story is rather innovative - instead of a younger, virginal woman and much older guy. We have an older, rather experienced woman and a younger man.

They are both rakes. She has various lovers, as does he. Her rule - two years, maybe three - if the guy starts to fall for her or proposes marriage Lord Grayson proposes to her, because he knows she'll never fall in love with him, they can basically be each others shield against unwanted marriage, have as many affairs as they wish, and he can continue to sleep with his first love, Emily, who is married to another. Plus he rather likes the heroine, Isobel.

They are friends. But alas, Emily becomes pregnant with his child and then dies in child-birth along with the kid, which his devilish mother takes fiendish delight in relating to him in a lengthy and bitter letter. Over-wrought, Grayson leaves Isobel and takes off to Scotland for four years. She writes, he never answers. Until one day, he pops up again and decides out of the blue to romance her, declaring his undying love for her.

Which appears to take the form of lots and lots of sexual encounters. Do not try this at home. By about the sixth or seventh sex scene, I was starting to skim. There is a nifty sub-plot involving Isobel's younger brother and an American heiress that is never fully developed and eventually falls flat. Like most of these novels Everyone appears to suck at endings.

Great read. Playboy alpha male changes and loves only one woman. Most of the story is about his wooing her, getting her to love and trust him and forgetting about her past hurts from her prior husband. Also very steamy! Setting: and London. Copyright: Genre: regency romance. To date, I've read the following Sylvia Day books. The Stranger I Married. Copyrt Snaring The Huntress. Ask For It. Bad Boys Ahoy! Dangerous Declassified: Dark Kisses. Pleasures of the Night. Mischief and the Marquess in anthology Perfect Kisses. A Passion For Him. Mar 05, L. Mountford rated it liked it. I know it's odd to say but was entirely the wrong setting for this book, years earlier would have been a much better period.

The story itself is quite entertaining so Miss Day has done it again. If you like her other historical stories you'll love this. For me, however there was just too much talk about age in a relationship where the parties were only a few years apart. This period of history was as careless in regards to age as we are today, if a young nobleman married an older wom I know it's odd to say but was entirely the wrong setting for this book, years earlier would have been a much better period.

This period of history was as careless in regards to age as we are today, if a young nobleman married an older woman it was assumed he did it for her wealth which was so common place it was barely considered gossip, and considering those relationships had a score of years and more separating the pair, a five year span would have hardly raised eyebrows. Honestly, I wonder why miss Day Keeps writing books set in England, here stories here feel so American, they'd be much better served in the colonies.

Historical romance: Young lord marries widow for convenience. Also fathers a bastard daughter with his lady love who is married to another. He was devastated when she died and left England for 5 years. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Sylvia Day. Sylvia Day. She is a 1 bestselling author in twenty-eight countries, with tens of millions of copies of her books in print. Visit the author at www. Books by Sylvia Day. It is a most agreeable sham…until a shocking turn of events sends Gerard from her side.

Now, four years later, Gerard has come home to Isabel. But the carefree, boyish rogue who left has been replaced by a brooding, powerful, irresistible man who is determined to seduce his way into her affections. Gone is the devil-may-care companion who shared her friendship and nothing more, and in his place is temptation itself…a husband who desires Isabel body and soul and who will stop at nothing to win her love.

No, this is not at all the man she had married. But he is the man who might finally steal her heart….