The Madd Weaver and the Golden Strand

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Site Search Navigation If so, who did Raker bury? Was there even a funeral? Is Raker losing his mind? So how will a series newbie fare by jumping in blindly to book number nine? It will probably help if you have some background knowledge of the man and his previous cases because some of the back stories are lightly sketched in and may leave you wondering, but You Were Gone works pretty well as a standalone too, and having no prior knowledge is a bit of an advantage in some aspects of this book.

Is he going mad, or being played like a fish on a line? Ebooks and Manuals

You Were Gone is a densely plotted, gripping, eminently readable thriller that will take you to the edge of reason and back again. That confusion threatens to overwhelm, but once he begins to treat the conundrum like one of his missing persons cases, all manner of horrors come out of the woodwork until he receives help from a most unexpected source. The main narrative is interspersed with passages from the journal of an unnamed person, someone whose scribings get more and more unhinged as the plot thickens.

Who is the writer and can their ramblings be trusted? So it looks like book 10 is on the horizon, which is great for fans.

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You Were Gone

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This book is the very personal account of the life of Louise Fewox who grew up experiencing the ravages of mental illness and then had to face the difficult. The Madd Weaver and the Golden Strand is the key book of Fair DUI Stay safe and sane in a world gone MADD and Sarah Weaver und das Geheimnis der.

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