Takedown: Taming John Wesley Hardin

Takedown: Taming John Wesley Hardin
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http://test5.expandit.io/rush-to-glory-formula-1.php Hardin claimed that he ambushed lawman Tom Carson and two deputies and forced them to remove clothing so he could wear it. Hardin married his sweetheart, Jane Bowen on February 29, In August, Hardin is reunited with his Clements cousins.

Preacherman's Son: Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin by Jack White (Paperback, 2014)

A poker game leads to a dispute that has Hardin badly wounded by a Phil Sublett with a shotgun on August 7, ; Hardin decided he wanted to turn himself in and surrendered to Sheriff Reagan, asking to be tried for his past crimes. Hardin changed his mind again and escaped from jail in October. In , in Cuero, Texas, a man named J. Morgan, harassed Hardin for a bottle of champagne; Hardin refused to buy it.

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Later, Morgan drew a pistol on Hardin; Hardin shot him dead. This gang killed members of a local family, the Taylors, who stood up to them. Hardin refused, and reported back to Tennille and Manning Clements to warn them of possible trouble. On April 23, Helms and fifty men arrived at their homes only to find them absent on a cattle roundup.

Hardin went to get his horse shod when a shout alerted him. Helm was armed with a knife and stalking Taylor when Hardin shot at him. Taylor pumped Helms with his shotgun, killing him. Word got back to Hardin and Taylor that Joe Tumlinson and fifty men were on their way for revenge Taylor and Hardin rounded up men and met them in Clinton, Texas. With the reluctant help of Sheriff Blair, a peace treaty was recorded on May 20, Brown County, Texas, deputy sheriff Charles Webb appeared.


Hardin asked Webb if he had come to arrest him, Webb denied this, so Hardin invited Webb in for a drink. Webb drew his gun, and on hearing a shouted warning, Hardin spun around, drawing his own guns, Webb wounded Hardin in the left side. Hardin shot Webb dead.

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Takedown: Taming John Wesley Hardin [Dale Chase] on fejacudobemo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Few Texans believe the notorious gunman John. Few Texans believe the notorious gunman, John Wesley Hardin, who has killed more than 30 men over a year period, will ever be captured; but on a fall day.

Despite shooting in self defence, it was thought unsafe for them to stay and surrender to the law, as Webb had too many followers and they might get lynched. Hardin swore to get the men who killed them. Jim Taylor was killed on December 27, Bill Taylor was found guilty of murder in the second degree in and sentenced to 10 years.

A cyclone blew through the area of Indianola prison on September 17, and Bill Taylor escaped.

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He was frequently pulled from his cell to be beaten for imaginary infractions by guards keen to show their power over such a notorious badman. Skip to content. Words: , Exchange offer not applicable. Language: English. Check her out at dalechasestrokes. Several days later, Selman saw Hardin gambling in a saloon.

After the hanging in July , Hardin and a companion, Mac Young, while passing through Bellville in Austin County Texas ,were reported as possible horse thieves and followed by a posse; Hardin pulled his pistol on Sheriff Gustave Langhammer of Austin County — but did not shoot him and rode away. On January 20, Governor Richard B.

Hardin moved to Jacksonville, Florida, bought a saloon, began horse trading and carried out a business butchering and shipping beef. He sold part of his business interests when he heard detectives were on his trail, and left Florida for Alabama.

In August , Hardin was joined by his wife and children in Polland, Alabama, Hardin having decided to become a partner in a logging business along on the Stick River. The letter incautiously revealed that Hardin was hiding out on the Alabama and Florida border under the alias of James W. An innocent 19 year-old friend traveling with Hardin was shot down and killed by Texas Rangers as he tried to escape the fracas. At first, Hardin tried escaping; his attempts were thwarted over and over, betrayed by other prisoners, and beaten or whipped by prison guards.

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By the time Hardin was 25 he had killed 42 men. Wes' life story reads like an old fashioned, page turning murder mystery. The action takes place immediately after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period. He was the most wanted man in the state; Texas Rangers, local Sheriffs, Union Soldiers and numerous bounty hunters frantically looked for John Wesley Hardin. If you enjoy a thriller Preacherman's Son will t disappoint. My heartfelt wish is you will enjoy reading my historical vel as much as I did penning the words.

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Gambler, Gunfighter, Outlaw - John Wesley Hardin

Show More Show Less. Best Selling in Nonfiction. Filed under: Guest Posts Jun 9, They had a strong hand in taming the wild west, and infiltration into outlaw gangs was a big part of their work. Phrases or names often strike me as interesting, thus the collection.

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It served me well and my cowboy detective, who works out of a Denver agency, was great fun to write. Lloyd Lasky is a seasoned operative for the Whitlock Detective Agency in Denver that often infiltrates outlaw gangs in order to thwart stagecoach robberies. Taking up sex with Frank, Lloyd convinces himself that doing so is part of his job in solidifying his place in the gang and learning of their plans.

But as time passes, Lloyd not only starts to care for the younger man, but jealousy also rears its ugly head when it becomes clear the gang leader, Merle Bonner, also has a sexual claim on Frank. When the line between self-indulgence and detective work blurs to the point where Lloyd considers not only breaking agency rules but breaking the law, will he be able to ignore his ever-growing sexual desires and successfully complete his dangerous mission?