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Muggy The Happy Pug - Muggy Goes to the Circus (Children's Books for Ages 3- 6) - Kindle edition by Barth Jules Sussman, Jen Sussman. Download it once. Actual muggy the happy pug muggy goes to the circus childrens books for ages 3 6 pdf ebooks. Find muggy the happy pug muggy goes to the circus childrens.

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Effecting change will require a twofold. If the court sides with him, it would render an HB 2 repeal moot. Opponents of HB 2 and similar laws,. Tens of thousands gathered Saturday for the Moral March in Raleigh.

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HB 2, of course, did much more than govern bathroom usage; it also forbade municipalities from enacting antidiscrimination and local wage ordinances. This sort of thing had been the sticky wick-. So Republicans attached to the repeal a moratorium on new antidiscrimination ordinances. Democrats balked. The repeal died. Raleigh developer Tom Anhut, who cochaired a yearlong advisory committee of developers, said in a letter 8 2. It will eat the rest so that Raleigh home prices remain competitive with other markets.

There are other significant costs and requirements which are unique to Raleigh that we believe should. Austin is often compared to Raleigh, Nashville, and other meccas for growth and development. It charges development fees far in excess of Raleigh, most notably for commercial projects. Harris says increased fees can lead to higher home prices at a time when affordable housing is a key issue for Raleigh. The association Harris represents, as well as other developers, became part of the process of setting new fees, and groups speaking for schools, neighborhoods, and hospitals were invited to join in.

Somehow even the victors seem confused. None of them really expected the world to look like this. Except, maybe, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. A grin is on his face. But he does seem surprised— stunned almost—that the next vote his colleagues cast will make him attorney general of the United States. He walks slowly to his seat. Sitting down, he bows his head. His eyes seem to be closed, as if praying. He brings the tips of his fingers together, facing upward, on his lap.

A few moments later, he takes out a silver object and holds it gingerly between the first two fingers and thumbs of each hand, almost as if unwrapping foil on a stick of gum. The vote is called. He puts away the silver object. The vote is 50— It is a huge blow to anyone who cares about competency, public education, or ethics in government. They have no control. Sessions gets up and looks around the room again before he heads toward the door. When he returns to the Senate later that day,.

Sessions is the nominee under consideration. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge. The crazy thing about Rule 19, in this context, is that it was created in , after the.

So it is grimly fitting that McConnell, who has learned to manipulate the Senate in order to grab control of the judiciary for his party, cites Rule 19 to defend Sessions, the old-school law-and-order white supremacist who stuck around long enough to make it mainstream again. She was given an explanation. Neither mentions the epidemic of African Americans shot and killed by police. Twitter: baynardwoods INDYweek. Molina Mendoza, wearing jeans and a crisp plum-colored dress shirt, stands behind a mahogany lectern.

Nearby, his boyfriend Francisco, in the same jeans-and-plum-shirt uniform, looks on encouragingly. This is because I see how much support I have from you guys. The crowd breaks into applause. Molina Mendoza cracks a smile. The church is packed with nearly one hundred weary faces, far more than Molina Mendoza expected. The support has been overwhelming—hugs and messages from strangers, kind words from old teachers and friends. Last week, two young girls cried with him at a rally in downtown Raleigh. The tears have come easily these past few months.

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The twentyfive-year-old is living in Durham, where he went to high school, on borrowed time—and in a matter of months, his time could be up. Two years ago, Molina Mendoza applied for political asylum in the United States, claiming to have suffered homophobic abuse in his native Mexico. His application was heard—and denied—in an immigration court in Charlotte last year.

Pettinato, denied almost 85 percent of the asylum requests that came before him between and , according to Syracuse Universi-. By comparison, the national denial rate is He learned about his pending deportation on Christmas Eve. But on Thursday he heard that, thanks in part to the intervention of U. Representative G. Butterfield, Immigration and Customs Enforcement had postponed his removal until his appeal is heard by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, probably later this year.

But Molina Mendoza still had to report to immigration court in Charlotte Tuesday, and despite the apparent reprieve, his court appearance was shot through with anxiety. He came of age in a state ungenerous toward undocumented immigrants and left the country before the Obama administration rolled out a program that would have afforded him relief. Try to see exactly what makes me me, what makes me a human. Under the cobalt September sky, an eight-year-old Felipe ran past farms, cows,.

The heat was dizzying. His mom and two older sisters were there, too, but his dad was back in Mexico. They were escaping him. They wasted no time. A few days later, they were at the border. They left home in a hurry, and Molina Mendoza darted out the door without thinking about what he was wearing. It was only when they started crossing the pitch-black border that he remembered he had on lightup sneakers. The moment his feet pounded they ground, they started blinking. Molina Mendoza was dazzled by the skyline, the colors, the people.

When the first snow blanketed the city, Molina Mendoza and his sisters were in awe. Molina Mendoza mainly learned English by watching TV. At first he hated it, because he thought it looked like a hospital, but he eventually adjusted. He joined chorus, took honors classes, and made friends.

He also met his current boyfriend, Francisco, a fellow student. He was quiet in class and always sat. IRIS is a year old calico tabby cat, with the most beautiful markings. She really enjoys back rubs and cuddling up next to you, or on your lap! She is curious and playful, and enjoys ribbon and feather toys. Please check out our website for more photos, and our Facebook page for a video of Iris. But he looked forward to working on projects, especially those that put his crafting skills to use. It was a criticism of how accessible violent media is to children.

It was a funny piece, but it also understood so many nuanced levels of media. Acosta was later released from a private detention facility in Georgia after posting a bond while awaiting his appeal; he, too, is seeking asylum after fleeing gang violence in his native Honduras. And that it has stayed with me ever since. Between and , the immigrant population in North Carolina swelled by percent, to an estimated ,, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Many of them were Latino. Of those , immigrants, the MPI estimates, about , are undocumented. Of that group, almost onequarter work in construction, the MPI says, and nearly one in five work in the service industry. Another 7 percent work in agriculture. Peter Daniel, the assistant to the president of the N. And then everything started happening. Additionally, under state law, undocumented students are ineligible for in-state college tuition and instead have to pay the pricier out-of-state rate.

I kept it hidden from everybody. He chose the latter. I was leaving my friends, my future here. He arrived. He was struck by the changing scenery as he crossed back over the border. On the U.

Full (unformatted) newspaper text

All scripts provided. Her husband first noticed the ankle lesion in the middle of that night. Are they pronounced in the same way? We also have a varied range of products from small aids to Scoot- website: www. COM 30 2. You have a painfully large overdraft, a tedious echoing void where your social life used to be, and derive little satisfaction from your pointless job, the extravagantly obscure title of which may sound impressive but really just conceals the fact that you don't do anything at all. In , GSK dismissed staff for policy violations worldwide, according to its annualCorporate Responsibility report, of which 56 were in China.

Dirt roads proliferated. He soon found a place to live in Mexico City and enrolled in music school for audio engineering. The next year, he made another fateful choice: he decided to come out to his friends and family. It was a long time coming. Molina Mendoza had known about his sexual orientation since the early days of high school, though he chose not to tell anyone about it. But with all of the uncertainty in his life—Would he finish school?

Get a work visa? Return to America? I decided to come out. The two began to walk around Mexico City holding hands, Molina Mendoza often in distinctive, colorful clothing. Taunts and physical aggression soon followed, he says. Men shouted obscenities at them and shoved them. One day, he says, a group of men chased the couple down the street, roughed them up, and threatened them with rape and beatings. They were nearly hit with beer bottles. Although statistics on homophobic violence in Mexico are hard to come by, a study by the nongovernmental organization Letra S reported anti-LGBT murders between and in Mexico City alone.

The borough that contains Zona Rosa was particularly hardhit, with forty-two killings over the same time period. The violence set Molina Mendoza on edge. He began missing work at the call center that employed him, avoided leaving the house, and was constantly roiled by anxiety.

In October , three years after he came out, Molina Mendoza decided to cross the border yet again. Shortly thereafter, he was. He says he ended up signing a voluntary departure order, which fast-tracked his removal from the U. The program grants undocumented immigrants who came to the United States at sixteen years of age or younger two-year work permits and protection from deportation during that time.

After the program expires, participants can apply for renewal. Molina Mendoza returned to Mexico dejected. But friends soon began encouraging him to apply for political asylum. So in , he pressed his luck again. This time, he made his way to a port of entry in Otay Mesa, California, gave himself up, and announced that he was seeking asylum. CoreCivic, which contracts with ICE, has profited enormously from the expansion of the immigration detention system.

In , according INDYweek. Molina Mendoza spent three months at the private facility in San Diego. Conditions, he says, were dismal. You can only go from your cell to a mini-patio. I started getting rashes all over my skin. When I finally got out I still had that condition on me for almost a year. He left the center flat broke. He landed in Durham and began working. The asylum process allowed him to get a work permit and a Social Security number, so he began waiting tables. With his savings, he was able to buy a car.

He found a lawyer who was willing to take his case pro bono and eventually reconnected with and began dating his old high school pal, Francisco. Molina Mendoza and his attorney, Helen L. Parsonage, thought his evidentiary hearing, held in November , went well. Not so.

On March 9, , he received notice that Judge Barry J. Pettinato had denied his asylum request. The basis for the denial, according to Parsonage, was the fact that, in , Mexico City had become the first Latin American city to legalize gay marriage. According to a Department of Justice report, they granted asylum in just 21 of the asylum cases they heard in fiscal year —13 percent. Even among judges in the same immi-. In Newark, New Jersey, for example, one judge denied It is a path paved with dualities—victories and setbacks, trauma and love, attention and solitude.

And at the center of it all is a frustratingly vague picture of what his life will look like in the months ahead. For anyone, this would be exhausting. He made the tense drive to Charlotte early Tuesday morning, alongside Francisco and a handful of supporters. He walked up to the second floor of the ICE office, anxiously awaiting an update, as immigration officers filed in and out of the room.

That felt nice. His next check-in might end differently. But I try to enjoy it. Private cooking classes in your home for groups from 2 to 20 If you love to cook, entertain, or just appreciate the pleasure of great food, private cooking classes are the place to indulge your passions. The classes are designed for both the novice cook and seasoned home chef and will empower you to cook with confidence. Bringing together groups from two to twenty in your home Amanda will provide tips on shopping, planning ahead and entertaining with ease.

Wanting a slower pace with more focus on local, farm to table access and a stronger sense of community Chef Amanda and her husband recently moved to Durham. In addition to a number of regularly scheduled cooking classes each month at venues such as Southern Season, Durham Wines and Spirits, Duke Diet and Fitness Center and UNC Wellness, Amanda offers private cooking classes in your home throughout the Triangle as well as corporate team building events. European classics such as croissant, scones, and french macarons have received high marks; as well as more American items such as brownies or the bread pudding, a muffin-shaped treat with caramelized sugar on top.

The breads at Night Kitchen, however, are the real focus. A selection of sandwiches, daily soup and quiche specials round out the menu. Psychotherapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness practices Whether you have these sorts of problems or other concerns that are making your life hard or even unbearable, change is always possible if you are willing to work and you have the support you need. I offer that support. My therapeutic foundation is based on a blend of Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, heartfelt engagement with the world.

Using a mix of narrative therapy, mindfulyou can live more fully and enjoy more emotional balance, stronger relationships, and get what you want out of life. As a client, you can expect to become better acquainted with your thinking, behavior, responses, and feelings so that you can ultimately live more fully and authentically. Using a mix of narrative therapy, mindfulness, meditation, breathing, and physical movement techniques, I help you uncover and develop your strengths, so that you can live more fully and enjoy more emotional balance, stronger relationships, and get what you want out of life.

Empower is locally-owned and then we were off. Using a mix of narrative therapy, an 9-Grain, individualized plan to help you reach any goal, fitness center and Raleigh-ites will benefit from our most. The bakery balance, stronger relationships, and get what you want out and motivate you every step of the way.

Call Empower is now at Blue Ridge Road therapeutic foundation is based on a blendof Western the larger farm tables. A selection of sandwiches, daily psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention soup and quiche the menu. Connect with on twitter Blue Ridge and Lake Boone Trail near meditation, breathing, andthem physical movement techniques, I though I enjoy pastry work, making bread is what I love help you uncover and develop your strengths, so that you can most.

Unlike a typical gym no membership is Sourdough, live moreon fully facebook. The bakery relationships, and get what you want out of life. These days, diagnosis, ongoing health issues, caregiving issues, aging, multitude of services. European disability, medical trauma, relationship concerns, spirituality, classics such as croissant, scones, and french macarons stress management, depression, anxiety, adapting to change can drop in to a focused group fitness sign haveclass, received high marks; as well as more American items and unpredictability, grief, loss, or bereavement and would like.

We kept writing poetry after Auschwitz. Now we find ourselves in another historical moment when beauty alone seems insufficient at best, grotesque at worst as a response to various human crises, including the epidemic of police violence against people of color. But Resisting Arrest sees differently. All their voices stream together in a democratic chorus with no hierarchical section breaks, resolutely focused on police brutality. Nobody involved, from the contributors to the publisher, is making a dime.

At reading events like the one at Letters Bookshop next Wednesday, anyone is invited to read a poem from the anthology. Tony Medina, a creative writing professor at Howard University who has been involved in a gargantuan number of book projects, edited Resisting Arrest.

Guernica, Medina signs off. The poems, like the essay, teem with actual names, dates, people, and places. Young Social Justice Scholarship, which supports students in the D. Medina expects to hand over the first check, for at least fifteen hundred dollars, in August. Krawiec had published Medina in an anthology, and they had similar views on the state of the nation. They kept in touch on Facebook. I was subconsciously aware of exclusion—that people I hung out with in the projects, their voices were really not heard. He carried a fish around his neighborhood when he was eleven to protest the slaughter of baby seals.

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In the sixties, that conscience found ample ways to express itself, first through the antiwar movement. Most notably, in , Viking issued one of his novels, Time Sharing, which was favorably reviewed but poorly promoted after. This was one of several experiences that shaped the model of what would eventually become Jacar Press. Another was founding a nonprofit called Voices, which, among many activities, offered literacy workshops in writing, a rarity in a field that usually focused on reading skills. Krawiec ran it through the eighties and into the nineties. I tried to give it to so many publishers but said I wanted the money to go back to fund workshops in low-income communities, and no one wanted to do that.

It was very freeing. The press handles its own distribution to avoid fees that would cut into donatable proceeds. The Durham event this week follows large readings in Brooklyn, Washington, D. As at those events, the one at Letters will feature a mix of invited performers—including Howard Craft, members of Black Ops Theatre Company, and filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman—and audience members. Anyone who comes is invited to participate by reading a poem and weighing in during the discussion that follows. Future events for Greensboro and Wilmington are in the works. It gives you the interior and puts some meat on the bones of those victimized.

Resisting Arrest treads the same line between fine art and active activism. Medina is teaching it in his classes at Howard, and students are writing responses to the poems. The poetry itself has a lot to teach us in terms of language, poetics, metaphors—how we perceive things and the ways in which we enter into these lives that have become broken through violence. This, I think, just fits perfectly with the two. The art is just as important as what is being discussed about human behavior in our society.

Add your voice to the chorus at Letters Bookshop in a week. No, this is not some Thanksgiving-themed fever dream. Oh, and smoke. Lots of smoke. Barbour set to work experimenting. He went with the rye, which has a rounder spice flavor profile than sweet bourbon. He added the yellow chartreuse for a touch of earthiness. The smoky part posed more of a challenge. At first, Barbour tried resting a glass over smoke while making the drink. That was promising, but it did not produce enough smoke. The gun funnels the smoke from cherry wood chips into the drink itself. With a bit of swirling liquid and smoke, the desired visual effect is achieved to perfection.

The initial sip is pleasant, smooth, with a smoky aura but not remarkable. From that point on, the savory layers of spice, smoke, and real heat make your taste buds dance. This study is testing the effect of transcranial alternating current stimulation tACS on mood symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder.

Transcranial current stimulation is a technique that delivers a very weak current to the scalp. Treatment has been well tolerated with no serious side-effects reported. This intervention is aimed at restoring normal brain activity and function which may reduce mood symptoms experienced with Major Depressive Disorder. We are looking for individuals between the ages of 18 and 65, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder currently not taking benzodiazepines or antiepileptic drugs.

He stumbled upon the flavor more than a decade before that—in in Zimbabwe, where he lived and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer. There, his local neighbors roasted peanuts over an open fire, smashed them into butter by hand, and stirred in any number of ingredients. Some went the sweet route with coconut oil or meat. Others, savory with avocado. The last, especially, had Overbay wide-eyed. When he eventually decided to start a nut butter business, he knew he wanted to produce his own version.

It just took six years to get it right. The flavor, which debuted in September, is the most recent addition to the Big Spoon collection. But just like Overbay in D. This version is American-Chinese takeout-style, gratifying and best eaten in bed. Serve with cucumber spears, scallion slivers, and sambal oelek to dollop on top. Boil the spaghetti in salty water until al 1 teaspo dente, about 8 minutes. Meanwhile, stir 1 teaspo together the rest of the ingredients. Adjust 1 garlic the thickness water and spice sriracha to your preference.

When the noodles are Stir tog done, drain and add to the sauce. Add a spo thickness Chill completely before serving. Try it with porkbook, Dor ribs, crispy tofu, fried eggplant, summermeant for rolls, and rice bowls. Store any leftovers inof-the-nig the fridge for up to five days. Just make sureinspiratio to take it out well in advance of serving, ascrosses b swaps in s the sauce solidifies when cold. Add a spoonful or two of water to adjust the thickness to your preference. This recipe draws inspiration from classic peanut butter crisscrosses but omits most of the sugar and swaps in spice instead.

Imagine salty, spiced peanuts and ice-cold beer—just better. Preheat the oven to degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment. Combine the butter, Hot Peanut, and sugar in the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Cream until combined, about 1 minute. Add the egg yolk and mix to combine. Add the salt and baking soda and mix to combine. Slowly add the flour and mix to combine, scraping the sides of the bowl as needed. Scoop the cookies by the tablespoon on the prepared baking sheets, spacing them a few inches apart. Smush flat with your palm and decorate with the prongs of a fork into crisscrosses.

Bake for about 15 minutes, until the bottoms and edges begin to brown. Cool completely before serving with very cold drinks. At a tumultuous time, brands have caught wind of the idea that marketing with a message can move units. Moogfest, which takes over downtown Durham for the second time in mid-May, is joining those ranks. Which raises the question: Is Moogfest trying to join the corporate masses seeking to cash in on bleeding hearts, or is the festival genuinely committed to effecting change in its home state?

The answer, at least right now, is tricky. Jonathan Wisely, the executive creative director at the Raleigh-based communications firm Capstrat, notes that brands always want to connect with audiences based on perceived relevance. I think that brands and advertisers see that as an opportunity to be relevant. But even that claim feels weak. Of the dozen that responded by press time, none said that Moogfest had contacted them. But even though they might be logical places for the festival to start, Moogfest had not gotten in touch with them.

If Moogfest can manage meaningful collaborations with local organizations, then it has an opportunity to support progressive causes in a significant way. The festival is a mighty force with a lot of money behind it, and it can wield its power to encourage its affluent, out-of-town audience to make a real difference. The annual gathering of improv, sketch, and stand-up acts has grown into a Southeastern destination for independent comedy since its inception, offering shows for fans and workshops for industry hopefuls and pros.

This year includes the usual raft of marquee names Emo Philips, Aparna Nancherla , up-and-comers, and wild cards. Here are a few of our tops picks that might otherwise slide under your radar. You also might recognize her from her season-two 24 2. In it, they discuss the issues that come with an interracial marriage, along with anything else they and their comedian friends want to talk about.

Tamra Malaga and the Jim Henson Workshop-trained Josh Cohen have been doing puppet comedy for as long as NCCAF has existed, creating rapid-fire characters and situations with a good bit of felt thrown in. Past versions of LimboLand with other music directors have gotten elaborate. But coming up with a suggestion-based musical on the fly remains a unique challenge. But what happens when the two spontaneous forms combine? Mannix, a former resident of Apex and Raleigh, takes on the challenge in LimboLand, his one-man show with music director Mike Descoteaux. When a company announces a season, as several have in recent weeks, we have every right to conclude that it has chosen shows that express its best thoughts about the most relevant and immediate stories for our time.

But we begin to feel lectured—if not preached at—as the video runs overlong when a series of locals present their views on government. Before the end, Tom and Lisa are both seduced by their old friend with the promise of power and its trappings. And all it would take is the smallest compromise: an occasional word about God from the lips of an unbeliever. In one energy-sapping sequence, she gins up a gratuitous argument on the nature of souls to. Still, the confrontations of conscience at the end effectively pull taut any slack on the line.

But this production sometimes appears to lack its own necessary faith in the story. Guralnick needlessly adds a sound and light cue or two to the script to underline moments that are already adequately portentous. Ironically, some of the problems that ultimately limited the long-term impact of the movement also bedevil this stage interpretation.

Given so little stage time to spend with the people embodying these difficulties, directors Jesse Presler and Aya Wallace struggle throughout to develop robust, believable characters among their extended cast. The pitch problems that plague certain singers only make things worse.

The subject matter is noble, and the social struggles depicted here continue to this hour. Weekly podcast airing on several radio stations throughout the country seeks an additional co-host. Looking for someone who will commit to the show and will research topics for discussion. Good experience for journalism majors. A busy weekend at the Scrap Exchange begins with an opening reception in its Cameron Gallery that invites viewers to notice the living art around us in the form of plant life.

In Specimen: A Collection of Botanical Artistry, which runs through March 11 after this Third Friday opening reception, Aisha Sanders reframes plants as art objects, literally and figuratively. A team of experts will help you with your alterations. Adapting a novel for the stage is a challenge in the best circumstances. Fresh off a two-year residency at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, the New York-based Aizuri Quartet visits the Triangle for a few days of teaching and performances.

State professor Peter Askim, whose writing for strings is fluid and expressive. Shows in the Overtone Series always have a pleasantly loose feel to them, like a group of friends jamming on the porch. Let them have their fun. Just make sure you get all that Faygo scrubbed off of you.