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follow url Explosive Dreams Dreams and Reality Series 4. Bright midways, rides with loud music and flashing lights, barkers trying to get people to Bright midways, rides with loud music and flashing lights, barkers trying to get people to spend money on rigged games; the normal sounds of county fairs everywhere until an explosion rips through the tinny music of the carnival rides. Flawless Dreams Dreams and Reality Series It was organized and used every ruthless killer that could be scrounged up to carry it out.

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And when Ruby uses Mercurial Dreams. When Xavier Reece uncovers elemental mercury in the heart of one of Mutilated Dreams Dreams and Reality Series Tourists and natives trolling bars and the scenic places that make up the French Quarter Tourists and natives trolling bars and the scenic places that make up the French Quarter are being hunted. A mutilator intent on gathering trophies made up of swatches of skin laden with tattoos and scars is the hunter. Our first stop is her house.

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Nerdy Fashionista Fashion for those who love the Nerd Life. Touchstone Pictures. There are at least a couple of million words of my history and processing in this body of work. The Book of Paul. Flawless Dreams. The Keeper.

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I hope to finish it Sunday night. In honor of my birthday, all my paperbacks are on sale in my Etsy shop. Feel free to grab a couple.

The postal service no longer lets me ship media mail internationally, which makes me very sad. Paperbacks can be found here: Etsy! I get a lot of questions in a week or a two because I try to make myself available to all my readers across multiple platforms. I will totally admit that I am more worried about this book than any of the previous. And it required me to have a cup of tea with Satan to write the beginning those on Facebook will get the joke. Due to my stroke of luck in the writing department, I have decided to put some books on sale for the month of April:.

I actually have an app where I can clock in and out and track my hours. Most of the time, the information is rather pedestrian. I worked this many hours this week or that many hours that month. Every once in a great while though, it shows me something phenomenal has happened.

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The Dysfunctional Valentine (The Dysfunctional Chronicles Book 2) - Kindle edition by Hadena James, Eliza Bay, Krissy Smith. Romance Kindle eBooks. The Dysfunctional Valentine (The Dysfunctional Chronicles) (Volume 2) [Hadena The Dysfunctional Valentine and millions of other books are available for.

What is a big deal, is that I wrote the majority of it in just 8. That might be a new record for me no, Craig, I am still not a machine. I find the possibility mind boggling. Unfortunately, there were a ton of serial killers in Fortified Dreams it does take place inside the walls of the Fortress. Serial killers that had little to no backstory. These were things that I needed to know. So, instead of finishing the novel that was almost done, I started writing these backstories as short stories for the purpose of fleshing out the monsters I had created.

It also lead me to write stories for Eric Clachan, Isabella Clachan, and a few other characters that may have an integral role in the lives of SCTU members no spoilers though!

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It would be too intense otherwise I think. More great work by Angela with Covered Creatively! In the next few weeks, I will have more information about the stories contained within this silly word-play title which I love.

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A blog about books, my ideas and what I've learned as I live life as a writer. Search for:. All posts tagged The Dysfunctional Chronicles. Just waiting on the final edits from my editor. It has one Amazon review… Triggered Reality is with the editor. Flawless Dreams is about half done and I suspect I will send it to the editor the first week of April.

The Dysfunctional Valentine (Dysfunctional Chronicles, book 2) by Hadena James

I am planning May release. Movement in the Shadows has one story done. So far, it is making me broaden my writing horizons. These are the continuation of the Brenna Strachan novels and will center on an adult Callie Strachan. The next Dysfunctional Chronicle has begun to take shape in my head. Ritual Dreams has a plot and a serial killer. Leave a comment. Posted in Everything Else. Tagged death demon trilogy , flawless dreams , legacies awakened , movement in the shadows , Ritual dreams , terrorific tales , The Dysfunctional Chronicles , triggered reality.

The last time I ran with them, I had over reviews and had over 20, downloads… This is the other reason the Strachan Series and The Dysfunctional Chronicles do not sell well. I know this is part of the problem because readers tell me about it. Reviews where you bought the ebook is the best way that any reader can help any author. Tagged go leave a review , how to write a review , Poor sales performance , The Dysfunctional Chronicles.

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Tagged The Dysfunctional Chronicles. Tagged book excerpt , burning down the house , sneak peek , the blonde in the cloak , The Dysfunctional Chronicles , the dysfunctional wedding , wedding woes. Socializing This weekend, there is a big to do going on in Springfield among the darters. Tagged 31 totes and bags , darts , hostage negotiations , it's a long drive , The Dysfunctional Chronicles , the dysfunctional wedding. Roles In Dysfunctional Families. Holidays, Anniversaries, and Birthdays. Dancing in Light. It includes 28 pages that were formerly on Joy2MeU.

Chapter 1 The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages! Chapter Changing the Music: Love instead of fear and shame. Joy2MeU Journal. It turned into something very intimately personal. Starting in and continuing through the end of I shared in this Journal a personal journal where I was processing through my fear of intimacy issues.

There are at least a couple of million words of my history and processing in this body of work. The Story of Joy2MeU. I refer to it as my April Fools Day Lesson about falling in love. A Magical, Mystical, Spiritual Fable. My Update Newsletters. None of them are on mobile friendly sites - although some things that I added to Update Newsletter like the Miracles story above - and the one just below - have been published as blogs on mobile friendly wordpress.

Book Ordering information. Author's Foreword to Book.

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Author's Biographical info not as up to date as one on Joy2MeU. Life Changing Workshop. MP3 Downloads. Codependence Pages index.

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Codependence - Defined. The evolution of the term "Codependence". The Codependency Recovery Process. Emotional abuse is Heart and Soul Mutilation. Inner Child Healing Pages index. Inner child healing - How to begin. Inner child healing - Why do it? Fear of Intimacy. Internal Boundaries - the key to balance. Internal Boundaries. Inner Child Paradigm. Union Within. Union Within - 5 years later. Inner Child Healing. Recovery from Codependency.

The Grief Process. Grieving - examples of how the process works. Sharing experience, strength, and hope, taking action. The Process of Processing. Processing 2. Choosing a counselor or therapist. Emotional Incest Issues. Alcoholism Pages inde x. The Death of an Alcoholic. Grave Emotional and Mental Disorders. A formula for integration and balance.

Spiritual Belief System Pages index. Mystical Metaphysical Spirituality. A Kinder, Gentler, Cosmic Spirituality. Truth vs emotional truth. Loving and Nurturing self. The Twelve Steps. Discernment - The Wisdom to Know the Difference. Intellectual Discernment - focused within. Emotional Discernment - taking power away from the fear. Intellectual Discernment - shutting up the critical voice. Emotional Discernment - Watch how you speak. Intellectual Discernment - "have to" and the Holiday Season. Emotional Discernment - disarming the emotional mine field within.

Intellectual Discernment - Choices, not "shoulds". A Higher Power of my own understanding 2 - the beginning of empowerment.

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