A Letter to a Friend: Thoughts on Living As a Gay Man

A Letter to a Friend: Thoughts on Living as a Gay Man: Thoughts on Living as a Gay Man
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http://chodaugia.com.vn/weighting-for-it-to-go.php You People Ugly Nice. The combat environment has the effect of flattening out civilian identities. If you're young or old, or a graduate from Harvard or the son of a farmer from Alabama, or if you're gay or straight or good-looking or ugly: none of those things matters much in combat, as long as you can conform to the group expectations. Sebastian Junger.

Son You Long Ugly. I wanted people not to care about whether you were gay, straight, black, white, transgender, whatever it may be That being said, there's more work to be done I still want to change the world, absolutely.

A Letter to a Friend: Thoughts on Living As a Gay Man: Thoughts on Living As a Gay Man (Volume 1)

Boy George. Work Change You People. The reason there's so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation, and I have the government documents where they said they're going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don't have children. Alex Jones. Children People Government Now. As a kid growing up, I didn't want to tell any of my classmates I did figure-skating because I knew they'd be like, 'Oh, you're a skater, you're gay, blah blah blah. Once I started getting to more of an elite level, I didn't really care what people thought, though.

Nathan Chen. Myself You People Thought. I didn't know what gay was. There was no such thing when I was growing up. I knew I had crushes on boys, but I didn't think there was anything wrong with that until I started to hear about it from the other kids in school. Kevyn Aucoin. School Think Growing Up Know.

I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment. Barney Frank. I Am People Equality Legal. Bangkok is one of those places where it's so rich and full of tradition, but they're so open to different people - different gender expressions and gender identities. As a gay man, I never once felt uncomfortable there. As a black man, I never once felt uncomfortable. Karamo Brown. Man People Black Tradition.

Trying to conceal the fact that I was a gay, effeminate, hyperactive, adopted child with a serious lisp in southern Louisiana would have been like trying to hide Dolly Parton in a string bikini! Child Serious Hide Bikini. Load more quotes. Explore Topics Motivational Quotes. Life Quotes. Inspirational Quotes. Positive Quotes. Smile Quotes. Love Quotes. Nature Quotes. Attitude Quotes. God loves us -- but he does not overlook our moral choices.

Another possible reaction is shunning a Christian involved in homosexuality or lesbianism.

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Those who act this way usually quote such scriptures as "Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord" 2 Cor and Paul's instruction, "You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral" 1 Cor Paul adds, "With such a man do not even eat. Some Christians take these passages at face value-and avoid even speaking to a person who professes Christianity yet indulges in homosexual acts. To have an ongoing relationship of any kind, they reason, would imply approval of the friend's immorality.

And other weaker Christians who see our friendship may wrongly think that homosexuality must be OK.

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It's almost like they couldn't face this last chapter of death and dying in his life. Powers, Skills, Abilities, Mights you shall poses. It's because of his love that he prohibits sexual behavior which he knows will harm us. Secondly, if sexuality really is modifiable for some, how long before someone suggests cognitive behavioural therapy minus or even plus the Hallelujahs? There are also other resources that give more guidelines for dealing with your child's homosexuality. We know better than making a remark such as, "Get a load of those two faggots across the street! It is nothing personal, just that you are male.

Will our actions "stumble" or confuse others in the church? Social isolation seems to contradict Jesus' behavior, however. He didn't shun people around him who lived contrary to his standards. He reached out to them but confronted them about their behavior. He attended social events with "sinners," much to the disdain of the Pharisees Mt Other Christians interpret Paul's instructions to mean, "Do not have ongoing fellowship with someone who is sexually immoral.

The main motive of the relationship is to be a redemptive influence, reminding that person of the truth and attempting to lead them to a place of repentance regarding their immoral behavior. Here is how one man, Rob, found himself working through this situation: "James and I were close friends at one time.

He had been in the church for several years when I first came, and he reached out to me with genuine friendship that was really encouraging. Soon we were getting together for hiking or other activities several times a month. Then, about two years later, James decided to get an HIV test. He had fallen periodically into homosexual behavior and knew that he was at risk. Unfortunately his AIDS test came back positive. Over the next few months, he struggled with deep anger and disappointment. Why had God allowed him to get infected?

He was making concerted efforts to stop his immoral behavior and was eagerly pursuing a closer relationship with the Lord. He had even served overseas for a one-year short-term missions project. And now this! Soon afterward, James left the church and began spending time on weekends at gay bars in a nearby city. Months later, he called Rob and announced that he had "married" his male roommate in a gay church ceremony.

Rob was in a quandary. He had enjoyed a close friendship with James, but didn't agree with his homosexual involvement. Should he continue to see James or cut off the relationship? However, I tried to focus our conversation on the positive things that God was doing in my life -- the same kinds of discussions that we had enjoyed in the past. Rob found that the "glue" of their relationship -- their mutual faith -- had been disrupted. Suddenly a major disagreement hung over the relationship and the dynamic of their friendship changed.

I’ve asked myself if I’m the problem.

And I noticed that, as he got pulled more and more into friendships with gay men, he lost interest in the spiritual things that our friendship had focused on in the past. As James began exploring various New Age religions, their friendship became more distant. However, Rob always tried to leave the door open for future communication. I kept praying that, one day, James would become dissatisfied with the gay life and would turn back to the common faith we had previously shared.

The fact no one likes to admit: many gay men could just have easily been straight

However, he never did renounce his homosexuality. Even so, Rob was able to see James several times just prior to his death. They talked about eternity and James said he was ready to meet the Lord. They prayed together and James expressed deep appreciation for Rob's visits. It's almost like they couldn't face this last chapter of death and dying in his life. But I had the Lord to help me.

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I had earned the right to speak into his life at the end because I had maintained the relationship. Within several days, James was dead. Rob says that seeking to maintain balance in such a relationship is difficult, and something that should be prayed about regularly. I'm glad that several of us from church stayed in periodic contact with James, as I believe it paved the way for him to return to Christ in his final days.

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But, at the same time, I couldn't remain in a close friendship with him and pretend that nothing was wrong with his homosexual relationships. It wasn't easy or always clear to me, but I tried to maintain a balance. I think God honored my efforts. Rob says that one important question helped him evaluate his relationship with James: What is the spiritual impact of this relationship? Rob tried to discern the results of their times together. Was their interaction pushing him away from Christ -- or pulling James toward Christ?

Quite frankly, sometimes it wasn't easy to tell. One night James wanted to talk about how wonderful it was to finally engage in gay sex after repressing his feelings for many years. He wasn't open to considering what the Bible had to say about sex before marriage, whether with a same-sex or opposite-sex partner.

Rob went home feeling like the evening had been a waste of time. Another night, James seemed more reflective than usual.

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He had "married" his lover and they had entered into a lifelong relationship -- only to find themselves splitting up seven months later because they couldn't agree which part of the city to live in. Rob found that James was much more open to talking about spiritual things that night, including an evaluation of whether homosexual relationships were really God's best for us.

Rob did not hesitate to seek input from his other friends and church leaders on how to best spend his time with James. Although he probably made some mistakes, Rob felt satisfied that he had played a significant role in James's life -- with eternal consequences. There are no hard-and-fast rules for this type of situation. Pray for God's guidance, as Rob did. And pray that you will have positive spiritual input into your friend's life. Another woman observes, "When I run into someone who has been part of our church and I know they have left the Lord, we usually have a warm interchange.

These men and women are dear to me. Several of them are involved in immoral relationships, but usually I don't say anything about their lifestyle choices. I just pray that seeing me and sensing my love will be a reminder of good things they have left behind. If your friend is open to discussing the biblical perspective on homosexuality, we recommend that you become acquainted with the principles behind the pro-gay theology.

For a more in-depth treatment and a book which would be excellent to share with any active gay or lesbian friend who claims to be a Christian, we recommend Straight and Narrow? As your friendship progresses, you may be faced with many of the same questions that parents ask about their gay children: What about inviting your friend's lover to dinner? What boundaries should you place on seeing them together? Now let's discuss the situation where your friend is seeking help in dealing with his or her homosexuality. Do you have anything to offer, even though you have never struggled with this issue?

Yes, you do! But, depending on the genders of you and your friend, your friendship has special opportunities and also potential problems. First, we will examine the dynamics of same-sex supportive friendships. Female Friend Helping a Female Struggler. Being accepted by a female straight friend is very healing for an ex-gay woman. Many lesbians are struggling with rejection issues at the deep level of their sexual identity or sense of womanhood.

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You can show God's love through your actions and words. Typically, these women feel an intense need for same-sex approval and emotional bonding with other women. You can provide a godly example of a non-sexual friendship. Many years ago while my husband was out of town, I Anita spent a Saturday night at Patty's house so we could attend her church together the next morning.

I was a little uncomfortable because Patty was fairly new out of the lesbian life, but soon we were chatting together and having a great time. As we were getting ready for church the next morning, I noticed that, although Patty was very attractive, she could benefit from a little blush and lipstick. But did I dare suggest it? Would she think I was being critical of her looks, or trying to change her in an outward, artificial way? After a minute's thought, I realized that I would share make-up tips with any other friend, so why not Patty too?

She liked the result and we went off to church. The next time I saw her, she couldn't wait to show me her "new" look. Patty had visited a make-up counter at a department store and looked great -- except for the bulging pockets of her blazer. She saw me looking at her pockets and explained, "These are the things that lady at the store said I have to carry with me.

Today, many years later, Patty and I have a great friendship; I rarely think about her lesbian background. You can help your friend break old patterns of relating, such as manipulation, self-pity and selfish emotional demands, by remaining constant and faithful. You can also hold her accountable for her end of the relationship, challenging her to develop mutuality rather than dependency.

But there are special cautions for this situation. Some "straight" women fall into a lesbian relationship with another woman seeking help. Even women with no previous history of lesbianism -- but who are emotionally needy -- have experienced strong lesbian feelings in the midst of these types of friendships. We cannot be naive in this regard. Same-sex attraction between women is based on a genuine God-given need for intimacy that has been twisted.

We all have a need for love. God made us social beings and it is common for women to find a deep satisfaction in forming significant friendships with other women. If these same-sex needs are currently unmet, even "straight" women can find themselves drawn into inappropriate relationships. The fall into lesbianism can be very subtle, starting with an exaggerated emotional need to be with the other person. One of the major danger signs that this relationship has taken a bad turn is the presence of jealousy and possessiveness.

Your lesbian friend feels insecure and you need to increasingly reassure her of your commitment to the friendship. Some feelings of jealousy are common. But when they begin to control the relationship, it's time for an evaluation, perhaps with the help of a counselor or spiritual advisor. Another danger sign is feeling overly responsible for your friend's feelings.

You may begin to be consumed with making your friend happy, taking on a responsibility that God never gave you. Overall, this relationship becomes hard work as you do more and more to assure your friend of your unconditional love. Beware of the "just us" mentality. A healthy friendship is not exclusive. It welcomes others into its company. And a healthy relationship is flexible. If a luncheon date or night out together is canceled now and then, it's disappointing but not crushing.

The person who cancels should not be made to feel guilty.

Column: Why I’m still afraid to come out to my friends and family

Emotionally dependent relationships are marked by a clinging possessiveness, not wanting to let go at any time, even though the reasons for being apart are fully understandable. Make sure that you maintain other close friendships. They are an important safeguard to keep your relationships in balance. Encourage your friend to pursue other friendships, too. Do not believe for one moment that you are the only one who can really help her! It will help to spend time with your friend in a group setting.

Invite others out to lunch with the two of you. After racking my brain for days, I think I figured out what happened; he probably got in trouble. I know crew members who get caught sleeping with passengers can face serious consequences. Whatever went down, I wish he would have told me.

Although this may not seem like a story or relationship worthy enough of taking the risks associated with opening up to strangers and making myself vulnerable, this experience is compounded by the fact that it is not an isolated incident of ghosting in my life. The last guy I had a crush on lived in Toronto. He was so interested in me, he organised a one-day business trip to Calgary, so we could go on a second date. A few days later, I realised we were going to be at the same place at the same time, so I asked him to get together again, but he left me hanging.

Could I ask what happened? On other occasions, my dates say offensive things eg. Despite the challenges I face on dates, getting to know men online is an even more daunting task. Unfortunately, I think very few of us have managed to keep our hands clean while online dating. I do those things all the time. So, why do we often mistreat our fellow bachelors? In an era where we post shameless selfie after shameless selfie and are pre-occupied with how many Instagram followers we have, have we become too self-centered? Is it because we heavily rely on smartphones, tablets and computers, forgetting the people at the other end of our electronic conversations have hearts and feelings, too?

Or, is it because conflict avoidance is easier than conflict management?