Dissolution of Peace (The Serenity Saga Book 1)

Dissolution of Peace (The Serenity Saga Book 1)
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ositough.henkel.buildingonline.com/angelina.php In addition, Luta is a descendant of the ancient Ys priest Gemma, and Adol is given another amulet with the power to dispel magic seals. Adol climbs further, finding two more books along the way. Near the top of the tower, Adol discovers that Reah is also in the tower, having let herself be captured and brought there so she could give Adol a magic monocle which would allow him to read the language of the Books of Ys. After reaching the top of the tower, Adol finally confronts the final antagonist — Dark Fact, a descendant of the ancient Priest Fact.

Dark Fact boasts that Adol's efforts to collect the books have only helped his plan, and that once he took Adol's five books and combined them with his own, a great power would be revealed. The two fight, and Adol is victorious. As Adol uses the Monocle to read the entire set of books, a powerful white light fills his vision, and a feeling of serenity overcomes him. The monsters in the land dissolve into air, leaving it at peace. The words in the books begin to disappear and the forms of the Goddesses begin to materialize before him it is noted that Adol does not recognize the Goddesses' faces.

Adol rests and decides to tell Feena all that he has seen as soon as he returns to Zepik. Slowly, the white light envelopes his entire body. The game begins with an animated cutscene showing a figures in a dark room talking to a glowing orb about Adol. They are impressed by his having conquered the Tower of Darm, and decide to continue to observe him.

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The view then shifts to the final moments of Ys I, with light emanating from the Books of Ys and surrounding Adol. Adol then suddenly is flown high into the sky by the magic from the books, as Feena and Reah watch from a cliff outside the tower. The magic energy deposits Adol and the Books of Ys in a flash of light in a field, where he is discovered by a girl. The view pulls back to show that Adol has landed on an island floating in the air.

A flashback to years ago is shown: the two Goddesses of Ys are standing around a large glowing orb with their eyes closed, deep in concentration. Outside, a horde of demons lays siege to their location. A flying island is created, and soars high up into the sky, leaving a great crater behind. In the modern day, this island floats far above the Tower of Darm.

When Adol wakes up, he weakly asks the girl where he is. She tells him that her name is Lilia and that he is in Ys. Speaking to villagers of Lance, he learns that demons appeared on the island six months ago, which forced the villagers to abandon the nearby Rasteenie mines.


In addition, most of the villagers are aware that there is a world outside of Ys. Adol goes to the town clinic to look for the doctor, but the doctor is not present. Suddenly, a flying pigeon arrives at the clinic bearing a message from the doctor, which states that he has been trapped in the Rasteenie mines by a cave in as he was picking herbs.

Adol is asked to rescue the doctor from the mines, as only Adol could fight the demons inside. Adol agrees, and meets with the elder of the village to gain permission to enter the mines. The elder consents, but also mentions that he briefly saw two girls that resembled the Goddesses while walking in the ruins surrounding the mines.

The elder also tells Adol that his having possession of the Books of Ys shows that he was guided by the spirits of the Priests of Ys to the island. The elder reveals to Adol that there is a place called the Sanctuary of Toal, connected to the Rasteenie mines, which houses statues of all six Priests, and that Adol should return the proper book to each statue in order to learn his purpose on the island.

Adol sets off towards the mines with these three goals. In the ruins outside the mines, Adol discovers a staff that grants him the potential to use magic after he touches it to a statue of the Goddesses. Inside the mine, Adol quickly finds Dr. In the rest of the mine Adol finds the herbs the doctor needs, as well as several magical spells. He returns to Dr. Flair with the herbs, and Dr. Flair creates a medicine for Lilia. When Lilia finds out that Adol risked his life to get the ingredients for the medicine, she is eternally grateful and swears a life debt to him.

When Adol returns the Books of Ys to the statues of the Priests of Ys, the spirits in the statues reveal that demons appeared on Ys at the same time as they appeared down below on the island of Esteria. They also revealed more about the history of Ys, stating that unknowingly, the source of demons was brought with them when they created the floating island years ago around the Shrine of Solomon. Demons were created as a by-product of magic.

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Adol must find the Goddesses and defeat the evil in the Shrine of Solomon in order to destroy all the demons forever. Adol travels out of Lance towards the shrine at the center of the island, passing through the Glacier of Noltia and the lava filled Moat of Burnedbless, two geographical features created by the Goddesses years ago as an attempted deterrent to demons attacking the shrine. In the moat, Adol discovers the Colony of Lava, whose inhabitants are all initially very hostile to him.

Adol rescues the boy with the help of a friendly and intelligent demon named Keith, and is allowed to proceed onward from Lava. Adol finally arrives at the village of Ramia, which stands right outside of the Shrine of Solomon.

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The past few months, the demons have been kidnapping villagers for use as human sacrifices. Hadat gives Adol advice about the shrine and asks him to attempt to save Sada and Maria. Adol infiltrates the demon filled Shrine of Solomon with the aid of a disguise spell. However, in the middle of the shrine, he is discovered by a dark-cloaked magician named Dalles recognizable as the dark figure from the introduction cutscene. Returning to Ramia village to seek help, Adol is able to undo the curse with a help of a Sacred Cup that once belonged to the Priest Hadal.

Any water put into it instantly becomes Holy Water, which allows Adol to escape Dalles' curse.

Continuing his infiltration of the shrine, Adol discovers the hideout of some kidnapped villagers who had escaped from captivity. Lilia is surprisingly among them, having left Lance Village due to dreams of needing to help Adol in his quest. However, Dalles once again makes an appearance, thanking Adol for leading him to the escapees, and turns everyone into stone, leaving only Adol unharmed so he would suffer mentally.

Undaunted, Adol keeps exploring the rest of the Shrine of Solomon, and again encounters the friendly demon Keith, who tells him that Maria is being held for sacrifice in a nearby bell tower called the Campanile of Lane. Adol enters the bell tower, fighting toward the top, defeating the demon sorceress Zava and seeing Maria along the way. At the top of the tower, Adol attempts to stop the ritual, but Dalles appears again and ensures the sacrifice is not disrupted. Adol then discovers the Dreaming Stone Idol, an artifact that is able to reverse magical petrification.

He also notices that Maria has disappeared from where he had just seen her. With the artifact, Adol is able to return the stone villagers including Sada to normal before setting off to the innermost core of the shrine. As Adol heads into the core, he finds that many villagers, all of them descendants of the Priests of Ys, have come to aid him. He also discovers that Maria had survived the sacrificial ritual, thanks to a magical bracelet passed down through her family. Lilia also appears, and provides Adol with a ring that can break the magic barriers barring his way.

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Right outside the final room, Adol discovers the two Goddesses imprisoned by magic energy. He is taunted by the voice of the master of the demons, who reveals that after years, it has finally broken free of the imprisonment thrust upon it by the Goddesses and the Priests of Ys, and now demons would finally rule the world. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. On the heels of her recovery, her ship is attacked by terrorists, and she is thrown into a difficult assignment.

She must chase after the only clue they have, a Martian ship called the Phobos, and find out what secrets it hides. To make matters worse, someone still wants her dead. Her ship, E. Australia embarks on a mission that leads Serenity on journey of discovery, friendship, betrayal, and revenge. She quickly learns the only thing harder to prevent than war, is love. Now Serenity must trust her protection crew to keep her alive long enough to solve this puzzle while trying to prevent an interplanetary war.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The descriptions of them were all fairly samey and with how little was shown of them I found it difficult to relate to them. Just couldn't quite care for their fate or feel worried when their lives were in danger. I often wondered how they would cope with the stress levels of being in danger that often.

The action was all described really well but I'd have preferred a longer book that meandered around and had maybe one or two less battles, or at least a greater variety of reasons for getting into them. I just found the pacing was far too full on and I was told stuff about the characters in the gaps without being shown it. The relationships would have felt more real if they'd been allowed the limelight in a bigger way.

I also felt that the book glided over details that would have been useful and then inserted others that seemed to be unimportant, like the sex scenes. I actually think the book would do better without any reference to the sex, almost like it was chucked in to try and show the relationships, but without any real build up being shown it just seemed shallow. As a result of the style I was kept on the edge of my seat but just wasn't connecting or relating to anyone. On top of that I would occasionally find that some words were in a tiny font, but it would just be odd words here and there, which was rather distracting and random paragraphs would have a right hand indent all through them for some reason, so the formatting needs a look over.


Finally, there was one of my pet peeves. The dreaded 'could care less' phrase which should actually be 'couldn't care less'. If someone could care less, then they care to some degree. That one drives me up the wall. May 16, Susan rated it it was ok Shelves: 4review , cool-tech , female-lead , intense , military-fiction , sf. Assassination attempts crop up left and right.

Serenity also has to deal with rogue ships attacking, even ramming, her ship. But then it gets even better, because aliens become an issue. Perhaps they are just neutral. Serenity has to walk a tight line to safely navigate the awkwardness of First Contact. But her ship is badly damaged and many of her people killed before the mystery of who is behind the assassination attempts is unraveled. Then there is also the distracti Assassination attempts crop up left and right. Then there is also the distraction of the blossoming romantic interest in one of her body guards, which is totally against regulations.

This story was very much action driven, being fast paced and lots of injuries and some dead bodies. While I liked all the action, sometimes we flitted from one scene to the next a little too quickly and my brain was a bit jarred off and on. The characters are very easy to connect with, even though they lack depth and growth.

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The espionage aspect coupled with the secret society bit was intriguing and kept me guessing about characters the entire time. The side romances added tension without taking away from the main reason I was reading the book: Action In Space.

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Not bedroom action, but space fights and first contact, etc. You get the point. There were lots of females in power without being all Hear Me Roar. It simply was a well integrated navy without the bullshit of gender inequality. Very refreshing. Of course I need to talk about the one negative point. Unfortunately, this is a biggy for me. I love words and stories in which every word was thought about and carefully placed to be pleasing to plot and reader brain.

This book was not well edited. Yes, someone used spell check, but forgot to use grammar check. I kept stumbling over wrong words — like wonder where the author clearly meant wander. Then and than drove me crazy. There were very few pages of this book that were clear of such mistakes.

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