SHOCK CLAIM: The story of JESUS was 'copied from prior religions to CONTROL the people'
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http://mail.mtsrnd.com/lesson-plan-3-native-son.php One of the grains found in Kazahkstan, bread wheat Triticum aestivum , was cultivated in the Middle East by 6, years ago, but didn't show up in East Asian archaeological sites until 4, years ago. Likewise, another grain found in the shepherd's camps, domesticated broomcorn millet Panicum miliaceum , may have originated in what is now China 8, years ago, but didn't appear in southwestern Asia until 4, years ago.

The nomadic shepherds may have been a crucial link across the vast expanse of steppe, desert and mountains that separated the agricultural and economic systems of eastern and western Asia. Central Asian shepherds did more than transport grains. The archaeologists also found evidence that herders began farming millet, wheat, barley and legumes by 4, years ago. The discovery of this prehistoric agricultural activity in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan pushed back the earliest know farming in the region by 2, years.

The intrepid ancient shepherds of central Asia blazed trails that would expand into the economic highway of the ancient and medieval world.

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The first surviving instances are the Idylls of Theocritus , and the Eclogues of Virgil , both of which inspired many imitators such as Edmund Spenser 's The Shepheardes Calender. There is no evidence of embarrassment over referring to church leaders as shepherds. In the Quran he also plays an important role and, again, is the most often cited religious figure who is mentioned times as opposed to Muhammed who is referred to by name only four times in the text. The boy had no shirt on, and revealed a bony little crippled body. Pompeii Volcanoes destroyed more than one city in the ancient Mediterranean.

The route remains in use today, though now railroads have replaced camels as the preferred means of travel. Slashing through jungles searching for lost cities may be a thing of the past, now that a team from the University of Houston has developed a way to peer through even dense foliage to find signs of hidden ruins.

The team used a laser-based light detection and ranging LIDAR system to find ruins blanketed by the forest in eastern Honduras.

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Explorers have searched the forest, called La Mosquitia, for centuries in vain. The system used more than four billion laser pulses to map La Mosquitia, the largest wilderness area in Central America. The image shows what looks like a central courtyard surrounded by structures. No one has ventured into the area yet to confirm the observations. And if this really is the legendary city, no one knows anything about the mysterious structure except that it exists.

So it looks like the days of Indiana Jones are not yet over; there is still a job for machete-wielding adventurers to go out and find lost cities.


And throughout history archeologists, explorers and thieves have trudged through the wilderness endeavoring to do just that. After years of occupation, the political structure of the city collapsed in the 's A. This not only reduced the amount of wood for buildings and cooking fires, it also left the denuded slopes open to erosion and landslides. The area was never completely abandoned, but many of the finely carved statues fell and were buried in sediments from the nearby river. Some of the statues now now bear scars from where plows scraped against them as locals continued to work the land.

Other carved stones from the region were re-purposed as building materials in the dwellings of the local farmers. The former beauty of the city was largely forgotten after the Spanish conquest. A few explorers sent back tales of the intricate artwork during the 19th century, including writer and diplomat John Lloyd Stephens and illustrator Frederick Catherwood. The blind poet Homer told of Troy, the great city-state laid low when Menelaus, king of Mycenean Sparta, went looking for revenge.

Menelaus led a coalition of Greeks against Paris, the Trojan prince who kidnapped Helen, Menelaus' fantastically beautiful wife. By the end of Homer's tale, Greeks hidden in a wooden horse had sacked Troy, and Helen was on a ship bound for Greece.

The ancient tales of Homer were thought to be nothing more than legends until until when English archaeologist Frank Calvert followed ancient clues to Hisarlik, Turkey. He dug a few trenches and uncovered artifacts that convinced him he was on the trail of Homer's heroes. Calvert's initial discoveries were soon overshadowed when he teamed up with the impetuous German amateur archeologist, Heinrich Schliemann. Schliemann gouged through the artifacts and sediments of later settlements with a speed and lack of care that left modern archeologists aghast. He even tried to recapture the beauty of Helen by dressing his own young wife in gold and jewels discovered at the site.

But for all his recklessness Schliemann found enough evidence to convince the world that Troy had been found. More recent geological studies and archeological excavations have confirmed that the site may well have been the ancient battlefield where Achilles was brought to heel, Odysseus lost his way, and Hector found that chariots can be a real drag. Knossos Homer wasn't the only Greek with stories of lost cities.

In B. The philosopher wrote that, although Atlantis had conquered many lands, it was brought to ruin in a single day and night. No one has ever proven if Atlantis ever existed or to which ancient civilization it referred.

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One of the top contenders is the Minoan civilization on Crete, which was destroyed in a single cataclysmic day. The Minoans, named for their king Minos, held sway over trade in the Mediterranean during the Bronze Age. But in the second millennium B. Earthquakes and tidal waves leveled the Minoan capital of Knossos and deluged the island's farmland. The Minoans never recovered but their memory persisted in the region.

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TALES OF A SHEPHERD - YEARS AGO - Kindle edition by Carlo Ferdinando Atzeni, Anne Terri. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. This is the story of a shepherd who lived a very long time ago. According to the old manuscripts which were found buried in the ancient tomb, archaeologists.

The Romans remembered the island as the home of Minos and minted coins on the island depicting the Minotaur, the mythological bull-headed man who stalked Theseus in Minos' labyrinth. By modern times, the civilization itself had been lost in the labyrinth of time until Arthur Evans, an English journalist and scholar, appeared on the scene in the early 's. Before he could start digging, Evans had to help bring about peace between Crete's Muslim and Christian populations as the island struggled for independence from the Ottoman Empire. Every teacher that we have had here for years has had to take one.

I can lick him myself. Suppose we have a few rules. You tell me, and I will write them on the blackboard. What shall we do with one who breaks the rules?

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Are you sure that you are ready to stand by it? Class, come to order! Jim, come up here!

The boy had no shirt on, and revealed a bony little crippled body. Are you all agreed? Little Jim had reached up and caught Tom with both arms around his neck. Tom, I will love you till I die for taking my licking for me!

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Yes, I will love you forever! This is the wondrous and true story of Christmas. The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem of Judea is preface. The three-year ministry of the Master is prologue.

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The magnificent substance of the story is His sacrifice, the totally selfless act of dying in pain on the cross of Calvary to atone for the sins of all of us. There would be no Christmas if there had not been Easter. The babe Jesus of Bethlehem would be but another baby without the redeeming Christ of Gethsemane and Calvary, and the triumphant fact of the Resurrection.

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None so great has ever walked the earth. None other has made a comparable sacrifice or granted a comparable blessing. He is the Savior and the Redeemer of the world. I believe in Him. I declare His divinity without equivocation or compromise. I love Him. I speak His name in reverence and wonder. I worship Him as I worship His Father, in spirit and in truth. For each of you may this be a merry Christmas. But more importantly, I wish for each of you a time, perhaps only an hour, spent in silent meditation and quiet reflection on the wonder and the majesty of this, the Son of God.

Our joy at this season is because He came into the world. You may wish to make these points in your home teaching discussions:. Our joy at this wonderful season is because He came into the world and offers us His peace and infinite love. Are there some scriptures or quotations in this article that the family might read aloud and discuss? Would this discussion be better after a previsit chat with the head of the house?

Is there a message from the bishop or quorum leader? This Page MP3.

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