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They pulled out the great manual pump with its leaky hose and they turned it on the village. We washed the snow from the houses, from the roofs, from the trees, from the ground I went back to Munich to meet my star.

Silent Hitchcock: whatever happened to The Mountain Eagle?

As she stepped off the train Munich quite audibly gasped. They had never seen anything like her before. She travelled with her father, who looked like Earl Haig. Her Louis SIV heels clicked down the platform. The dog on its leash was long and gleaming with brushing. Her maid followed her. It was like the royalty Germany hadn't seen for five years. But I was thinking of a simple Kentucky Miss in a gingham gown and a cotton apron.

I had to produce a strong woman of the mid-western mountains who handled a gun instead of a lipstick.

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Hitchcock's British Films. With the production phase finished, Hitchcock returned to London and completed editing the film by the end of I read in The Mountain Eagle that several snakes have Wardour Films UK. The heels came down layer by layer. Co-chair of prison effort here says sudden delay will not end project June 19,

First we quarrelled about her nails. They came down from half an inch beyond the finger to a quarter.

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We had another discussion. They came down to an eighth. Another discussion and they were all right. The heels came down layer by layer. The makeup was altered shade by shade.

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The hair was changed curl by curl. I shall never forget one afternoon.

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We had been working hard all the day, and Nita was nearly all in. She had to play one more scene, where she was cleaning Malcolm Keen's rifle when a face appeared at the window and she pointed the gun at him. The scene was going well when, just as she turned the gun to the window, I saw it waver. It veered from side to side. It moved up and down. It went round in circles. Then, without a word, Nita tilted to one side and fell headlong. The floor was very hard. The set was built on a foundation of stones set in cement. Before the camera had even stopped turning, she had recovered.

She got to her feet and wanted to go on playing, but we called it a day. A few weeks later, when Alma and I were married, we went to Paris for our honeymoon and spent the first day of it with Nita. Although Hitchcock mentions Kentucky as the setting in the original script, whilst exhaustively researching the film, scholar J. Kuhns found no evidence to support the claim that the film itself was supposed to have been set in America.

With the production phase finished, Hitchcock returned to London and completed editing the film by the end of According to J. Kuhns ' authoritative essay on the film , published in the Hitchcock Annual , the film was screened in Berlin in May , then shown to the British press in October before being scheduled for public release in May Kuhns notes that it is likely the film was shown at a number of trade shows outside of London during October , but only one print of the film would have been required.

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At least 4 prints of the film must have been made: two for the English trade shows and subsequent provincial release in the U. Kunhs also notes that the length of the film was recorded as 7, feet at the London trade show, but only 5, feet in the U. However, the best summary of the film was given by The Bioscope newspaper on October 7th , which is as follows:. Pettigrew, while questioning Beatrice, is himself influenced by her charm and attempts liberties which she strongly resents. He is so furious at the rebuff that he proclaims her as a wanton and she is driven from the village by the inhabitants.

Beatrice is saved from their fury by a mysterious stranger known as Fearogod, who lives a solitary life in a cabin to which he takes her for shelter. To stop all scandal, Fearogod takes Beatrice down to the village and compels Pettigrew to marry them, explaining to her that he will help her to get a divorce. Beatrice, however, is content to leave the situation as it is, but Pettigrew, furious with rage, takes advantage of the fact that his son has left the village and arrests Fearogod for his murder. In spite of the fact that there is no vestige of evidence that young Pettigrew has been murdered, Fearogod is kept in prison for over a year, when he decides to escape.

He finds that his wife has a baby and he goes off with them to the mountains.

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When they find that the baby is taken ill, Fearogod goes back to the village for a doctor, where he sees old Pettigrew. Some doubt as to which of the men is going to attack the other first is settled by an onlooker firing off a gun which wounds Pettigrew in the shoulder. The sudden return of his son Edward convinces the old man of the futility of proceeding with his accusation of murder, so he makes the best of matters by shaking hands with the man he has persecuted and all is supposed to end happily.

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Not much is known about the complete cast other than it being said to have had a rather international cast of a wide variety. From what we know, this cast included, but is not limited to, these individuals:. P Pettigrew, is German actor Bernhard Goetzke, whom Hitchcock had befriended during the filming of a different movie, "Die Prinzessin und der Geiger" literal translation: The Princess and the Violinist.

This movie was released to English audiences under a different name so it is, therefore, better known as "The Blackguard". There was also a dog in the film as shown by surviving production stills and movie reviews.

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These, along with a surviving lobby card found in Massachusetts, have confirmed that there was indeed a dog in the film. According to the lobby card, the dog was called "Major". However, it is unconfirmed if that is the dog's real name or the character's name.

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Mountain Eagle Staff | March 27, address In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece. The Mountain Eagle is a British silent film, and Alfred Hitchcock's second as director, following The Pleasure Garden. The film, a romantic melodrama set in.

However, the dog's overall significance to the film and its plot still remains a mystery to this day. Throughout filming of the movie, there were several complications that seemingly cursed not only Hitchcock but the cast and crew as well. The film was last seen in very brief release in Where might it be now? Just about anywhere, apparently. Fabled lost footage from Fritz Lang's Metropolis was discovered after 80 years hidden away in a museum archive in Argentina.

Robinson says the BFI was recently contacted by someone in Australia who has a longer version of The Lodger , which may contain extra scenes. Lost films have been found in beehives, barrels, churches, chicken coops and garden sheds. As Robinson says, someone who stumbles on a mysterious film canister would be hard-pressed to guess what's inside: "Unless you have a projector, you don't really know what you've got on your hands. Not just a mystery, but a potentially dangerous one: The early Hitchcock films, including The Mountain Eagle , were shot on highly flammable nitrate stock.

The BFI, which has , cans of nitrate film, runs the only cinema in Britain with a licence to show those movies. Anyone with a promising film canister can find more information at www. At the same time it's searching for lost movies, the film institute is looking for funds to restore Hitchcock's nine silent films, so that there will be a pristine digital copy of each in order that they can be sent to festivals or prepared for DVD transfer. Watching the movies - from the frothy Champagne , which the director referred to as "the lowest ebb in my output" to the landmark suspense story Blackmail - shows that Hitchcock's unique vision was in place from the beginning, Robinson said.

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