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The King of Reggaetón
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  • Biography of Reggaeton's Daddy Yankee.
  • Daddy Yankee - History and Biography;
  • Making Light in Terezin: The Show Helps Us Go On. During his childhood he practiced singing and focused on lyrical improvisation. One bullet grazed his arm and the other, from an AK, hit him in the leg and left him with a permanent limp.

Daddy Yankee

Following this incident he became interested in the underground rap movement , which at the time was in an early organizational stage. He also took more interest in the events that took place in the neighborhood in which he was raised, a public housing project named Villa Kennedy. Early in his career he attempted to imitate the style of Vico C. He went on to emulate other artists in the genre, including DJ Playero, DJ Nelson, and DJ Goldy, taking elements from their styles in order to develop an original style.

Who Is Daddy Yankee?

In doing so, he eventually abandoned the traditional model of rap and became one of the first artists to perform reggaeton. Ayala first recorded with DJ Playero as a featured artist in a production titled Playero 37 , which was released in For more up-to-date information visit: www. Thank you for your answers!

Daddy Yankee: "I run my own business, that's why i call myself the big boss"

Biography: Daddy Yankee. LT Staff August 5, August 5, Read More.

Scroll for more. At only 21 he launched his own label called El Cartel Records in the late s. In he broke into the mainstream with his breakthrough album Barrio Fino along with its hit track "Gasolina.

Biography: Daddy Yankee

Co-writing with Erika Ender, Fonsi felt the song needed an urban element to it and contacted Yankee. In an interview with Forbes. It's now a multicultural song. I think that is one of the reasons why everybody is feeling the song, because there's a lot of mixed in.

History and Biography

Despite not knowing English, he felt connected to the music, and at 13, he gave himself the new moniker Daddy Yankee, which means "powerful man. Though Yankee grew up immersed in music, his first love was playing baseball.

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El Cartel: The Big Boss was released by Ayala performed in Chile as well, and established a record for attendance in Ecuador In this event, the artists receive awards. A multi-award-winning Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Daddy Yankee is In , Time Magazine ranked him as one of the top influencers in the world. . URL.

In a interview with MTV. He spent the next six months in bed.

Quick Facts

However, it wasn't until when Daddy Yankee would finally break into the international mainstream through his collaboration with Luis Fonsi on the Justin Bieber -featuring track "Despacito. The film reflected the harsh living conditions of the marginal Puerto Rican neighborhoods in which Yankee grew up. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Yankee 's success was so phenomenal in the wake of his mainstream breakthrough Barrio Fino -- and in particular, the international hit single "Gasolina" -- that he transcended cultural boundaries and genre trappings. The contract with Reebok was brand new. Genre Latin Rap. He was contacted to be the protagonist of the movie Talento de Barrio , not only acted but also composed the soundtrack of the same name.

It was a year before he could walk and he still carries a bullet lodged in his right thigh. He also went to college, and earned an associate's degree in accounting in , in order to help himself better navigate the music business. Restoring and rebuilding the country will take a long time. His father was a bongosero a salsa percussionist and his mother's family came from a long line of musicians.