A Question of Latitude

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suitecrmondemand.com/death-hope-and-sex-steps-to.php This problem has been solved! See the answer. Latitude, Longitude and the Global Coordinate System Use a globe, a world map, Google Earth, or any other resource as well as the information provided , to answer the following questions. For the map section, provide the coordinates and latitudinal zones for the locations indicated.

What ocean would you be sailing on if your boat was located at 33 degree S and 81 degree E?

Class 6th Social Latitudes and Longitudes (HD)

IMHO, you use coordinates to specify the location of other things. The coordinates themselves are not "located" anywhere. Jon Hanna Jon Hanna But is this answer also correctly structured? What I mean is, is the use of the verb 'located' correct with reference to the equator?

This problem has been solved!

This is a distinction between living language and grammar nazi. Featured on Meta.

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Custom Filters release announcement. Related 0. All the other longitudes are measured, and named after the angle they make with respect to the center of the Earth from the intersection of the Meridian and the Equator. Since a sphere has degrees, the Earth is divided into longitudes.

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Modern timekeeping systems use longitudes as references to keep time. Time zones are defined by the Prime Meridian and the longitudes.

One easy way to remember the orientation of latitudes and longitudes is long itudes are long , and lat itudes are lateral. A Great Circle is any circle that is formed by a plane that passes through the center of the Earth. The Equator and the circles created by the meridians form Great Circles.

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A straight line connecting two Great Circles is the shortest distance between them. Because of this, they are important for the study of migration and other human interactions and activities including shipping and airline routes.

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Topics: Time Zone , Earth , Geography. This partial lunar eclipse, the last lunar eclipse of , is visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia.

Latitude And Longitude Practice Test! Trivia Quiz

See the Sun turn dark during the total solar eclipse on July 2, This hour time standard is kept using highly precise atomic clocks combined with the Earth's rotation. All rights reserved. Menu timeanddate.

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Latitude and longitude are imaginary lines drawn on maps which helps to locate places. Latitude is an Questions and Answers. Remove. A comprehensive database of more than 10 latitude and longitude quizzes online , test your knowledge with latitude and longitude quiz questions. Our online.